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"Training with HPI Training was one of the best decisions I have ever made. All of the guys here are so knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to performance training. They helped put my body in a position to compete at its highest level and endure a very long season. Additionally, they create a great environment in the gym. It’s a family culture, and I look forward to continuing our friendships for many years to come!"

- Dylan Rheault, RHP San Francisco Giants organization.


“To leave the beautiful state of Arizona where the sun is always shining and the weather is always perfect to come to Illinois where the sun likes to hide and it’s so cold you want to die, should say enough about how much I love HPI.  But the fact of the matter is, the NFL wouldn’t be a reality without this place”

- Jarell Carter,  Arizona Cardinals


"HPI training is an amazing facility with trainers dedicated to help you get better. Ever since I joined HPI training I have seen nothing but improvements with my mobility, strength, speed, and power. If you want to play at the level a highly recommend HPI training. They have wait it takes to help you get there if you want to put in the work."

- Brendan Murphy,  LHP in Milwaukee Brewers organization.


“Over the last four years of training at IBJI I have realized that the trainers are not only the most knowledgeable in the business but will also push you physical and mentally to be the best you can be during every workout.  There is not a doubt in my mind that if you want to achieve your goals in athletics then IBJI is the place to train.”

- Cal Falkenhayn , Columbia University in New York


"I have been a long time client of HPI IBJI utilizing individual and group training sessions. Over the past five years training with Cory Leman I have achieved and exceeded my personal training goals. 

Through his thorough assessment and prescription of stretching routines and exercise regimens he has strengthened my structural weaknesses by promoting overall flexibility and strength.

Cory accelerates at applying his philosophies and knowledge of training to help me attain my annual personal fitness goals. Through helping me achieve these goals he has also transformed my health. I've never been healthier or stronger.

Five stars across the board."

- Jodi Z.

"Under the guidance of truly knowledgeable trainers, my time in the Functional Training classes has helped me explore my strength, mobility, and flexibility in a safe and supportive environment. They are experts in personalizing the group exercise experience to maximize my workout potential. I had no idea I could push my body to the limits that I have and look forward to seeing what I'll be able to do next!"

- Robyn

"I LOVE IBJI’s MRT class! They challenge me to work hard, and motivate me to do my best. Each class is individually designed to hit my target heart rate and give me the best possible workout!"

- Jenny Jones