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Exercise actually doesn't burn THAT many calories. If you're primarily relying on exercise to lose weight, or utilizing it as a way to "cancel" out your binge eating habits, then you're likely frustrated with your results. If weight loss or improving body composition is a goal, you're better served focusing on nutrition first and foremost. Consider the 100/30 rule of weight loss. You can control 100% of your nutrition intake (easier said than done, but nevertheless still true). You can likely only work off 30% of your calories through exercise (and that would

It sounds counterintuitive, but stress in small, controlled doses is something that can work in your favor. You may have heard of the word hormesis. It's gaining popularity in health circles. To simplify it, hormesis is when you take a process or substance that is typically harmful when exposed to the body in large amounts, and conservatively apply the process in small doses to create resiliency or a counter-effect. A good example of this is something like the flu vaccine. There is a small amount of the flu that is being injected into

Whether you are a high school athlete, working mom, retired grandpa, or anything in between, you should prioritize building muscle. Why? Because not only does muscle help you perform physical activities at higher and more efficient level, but it also helps prevent many degenerative conditions, improves metabolic rate, and so much more. Here's something you should consider when trying to building muscle. It's a concept called TUT (Time Under Tension). If you really want to build muscle you have to focus on TUT. Time under tension refers to the amount of time in a given

You don't need more information. If you want to know how to do any exercise, execute any diet, following any fitness routine, just YouTube it. Information is readily available. We don't have an information shortage when it comes to health and fitness. If you follow my newsletters, you know that in my last post I recommended focusing on the "big rocks" - i.e. the activities and habits that actually move the needle, and not worrying as much about the specific breakdown of a particular exercise routine or meal timing. Similarly, if you find yourself