Frequently Asked Questions 

These FAQ's are intended to help our clients find answers to our most commonly asked questions, if you should need any further clarification on any of the topics below or need additional information regarding something not listed, please contact us at (224) 765-5550.

Q) Do I need a prescription from my physician for services at the HPI?

A) All services offered by HPI do not require a prescription, except Physical and Occupational Therapy services.

Q) If I am not a patient of Illinois Bone and Joint, may I still utalize these services?

A) HPI services are available for any and all patients, clients, and community members. 

Q) Can I use my medical insurance to cover these services costs?

A) All services at HPI are self pay services. This means that payment  is due at time services are rendered, however, if you believe you health care benefits would cover such services, HPI is willing to supply you with all  documentation necessary for reimbursement should you wish to submit independently.   

Q) If I am currently under the care of a physical therapist may I utilize these services at the same time?

A) Yes! We encourage all Illinois Bone and Joint patients to benefit from the services HPI offers. We simply ask that you make your treating physical therpist aware you will be using a integrative services so that your HPI clinician can communicate with your therapist. This is only necessary if your HPI visit pertains to the diagnosis you are being treated for.   

Q) What should I expect during my first visit to HPI?

A) When you first entered the facility you will need to check in at the front desk and complete a new client intake form.  This form is also available here if you wish to fill it out before your visit.  For all our services your clinician will go through a brief health history to ensure the treatment is tailored to meet each individuals needs.  Additionally, for Pilates and personal training sessions the instructor may take you through a series of assessments including postural, strength and flexibility, and or a functional movement screen.