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Whether you are a high school athlete, working mom, retired grandpa, or anything in between, you should prioritize building muscle. Why? Because not only does muscle help you perform physical activities at higher and more efficient level, but it also helps prevent many degenerative conditions, improves metabolic rate, and so much more. Here's something you should consider when trying to building muscle. It's a concept called TUT (Time Under Tension). If you really want to build muscle you have to focus on TUT. Time under tension refers to the amount of time in a given

You don't need more information. If you want to know how to do any exercise, execute any diet, following any fitness routine, just YouTube it. Information is readily available. We don't have an information shortage when it comes to health and fitness. If you follow my newsletters, you know that in my last post I recommended focusing on the "big rocks" - i.e. the activities and habits that actually move the needle, and not worrying as much about the specific breakdown of a particular exercise routine or meal timing. Similarly, if you find yourself

I see quite a bit of stagnation as it relates to exercise and nutrition, and I think a key reason is because people too often get caught up in the minutia. Allow me to break down three different areas: cardio, strength training routines, and nutrition and give you some examples of how we major in the minors. For starters, I get a lot of questions about workout routines and splits. "Should I do upper body one day, and lower body another day?" "How often should I do core work?" "Machines or free weights?" Unless you're a