Simplify Your Training

A common issue I see with young athlete's is the absolute desire to feel sore after every workout, and to spend a copious amount of time in the gym. But for what reason; is soreness truly a good indicator that you're becoming a better athlete? And do athletes really need to spend 2 hours a day in the gym training? 

To answer the first question; anybody can make you sore.  If I wanted to I could put our athletes through a workout that won't allow them to walk for two days afterwards.  But am I making them a better athlete? You see that's the real challenge, improving performance.  Yeah you'll feel sore after workouts, but that's not the goal.  The goal is to know that each time you step into the gym what you're doing is going to help you in your sport. That you're learning to move better, you're building strength, and becoming more powerful. 

This is where simplicity comes in. To answer the second question just remember this old over-used phrase... "Less is more".  

First off you're an athlete, most your time needs to be spent either in practice or in recovery.  Practice is where you become better at your sport, and recovery is where the magic happens. Training is supplemental. Make no mistake training is completely and utterly needed, but it's not the end all be all. If you're in the gym longer then an hour you're either doing too much or you're slapping and tickling too much. For those of you doing the latter all I can say is FOCUS.  

If you're doing too much you need to simplify you're training.  The beauty of simplicity is that it forces you to choose the exercises that truly work, and get rid of the excess. 20% of the exercises you do, do 80% of the work towards making you a better athlete. 

At HPI we call these 20% our staples.  We have our exercises we like that go a long way in making our athletes better and safer, and we'll use them or their variations for our athletes.

I leave you with these two thoughts. Chase performance not soreness, and keep it simple, seriously.