Making Sense of Vitamins and Minerals pt. 4 - Strategic Veggie Eating

I always hated it in school when the teacher would give a really complicated lesson, and yet never left me with a practical use for what they were talking about.  I even still get that when I go to seminars or read articles.  At the very least all I ask for is a real life example so that I can deem for myself if the information is applicable towards my purposes.


If you’re like me then I hope this installment has been more than throwing information around but actually helpful.  In each post I offered sources of foods that contain the vitamins and minerals I was describing, and even some of the tasks each micronutrient performs so that you’re not just blindly throwing them into your body.


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Bottom line; I hope you better understand why yo' mama wants you to eat your veggies, and since we started with them, we're going to end with them.  I want to offer you three practical strategies towards eating your veggies.

You know those little guys ate their veggies, before getting a cookie

You know those little guys ate their veggies, before getting a cookie


1.) Keep Fruits and Vegetables Easily Available - Humans are naturally lazy, when we want a quick snack, we want a QUICK snack.  We’re not about to go grill up a burger or something when all we want is to munch on something.  So why not use this to your advantage.  Have baby carrots available in your fridge, or have broccoli heads already chopped up.  When you go grocery shopping use the time that you’re putting all your food away to actually prepare some of the bulkier fruits and vegetables for easy access later in the week.


2.) Juice - No I’m not talking about store bought juice, but going off that first point, when it’s easier to eat the fruits and veggies it will be easier to get those micronutrients into your body. This is where having a good blender comes in handy.  I find, with the right combination, you can make a good tasting drink with about 5 to 6 different fruits and veggies.  Our very own Cory Leman has even perfected the art of making it look good too. Here’s a really basic recipe that will provide a solid flavor.

- 1 cup of Strawberries

- 1 Handful of Spinach

- 1 Banana

- 1 Handful of Kale

- 1 Fresh squeezed lemon

- 16oz of water


You get 5 servings of fruits and veggies, and it won’t taste that bad because the fruit will overwhelm the veggies. Also the water will help make it easier to drink.  


If you’re brave like me you can even try tossing in some more veggies in there, but the recipe above is a nice, simple start.


3.) Hide Your Veggies - Who doesn’t like a game of hide and seek? Better yet, hide and don’t seek… Regardless, hide your veggies in your food. I refuse to count lettuce on anything fast food, but  I mean sure salads are good. However, did you know you can put spinach in an omelette, and it doesn’t taste bad?!  Even better, put in some tomatoes too... mmmmm.


In summation; vitamins and minerals do remarkable things for your body, and vegetables along with other proper foods are extremely good for you.  If you want to perform at your best then you need to be careful about what you put into yourself.  


I’m out,

-Dave Howington