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Muscle Gain > Fat Loss

Getting results in the fitness realm can be really challenging. If you want to see the needle move significantly, try the following…

Prioritize muscle building over fat loss.

The science is becoming more and more clear. Increased lean tissue lowers risk for all-cause mortality. There are so many benefits! What’s the catch? Gaining muscle requires consistency, accountability, and the ability to push through significant discomfort. Whereas with weight loss, you can tweak your nutrition and/or increase physical activity, muscle building requires more effort and has a lower margin for error.

Prioritize frequency over intensity.

I’m all for working hard. But day in and day out consistency is much better than 2 hard workouts a week. One of the keys here is building a routine and habits to support consistent output.

Prioritize nutrition over supplementation

This one is a little bit more well known. But all too often we want to jump to the minors. What protein or supplement should I be taking? How about we start with drinking a glass of water in the morning? Or legitimately committing to 3-4 servings of vegetables per day. Like most things, start macro, then go micro.

This isn’t to say that fat loss, intensity, or supplementation don’t have their place. They certainly do! I’m a big advocate of all three. Just be sure they aren’t taking up a bigger place in your health plan than the others.