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The hardest type of workout

If you want to gain muscle, it’s important to understand that it’s going to take A LOT of work.

If you don’t want to gain muscle, can I kindly suggest you reconsider?

I’m not talking about getting bulky (although if you’re an athlete or avid exerciser you can include that). I’m talking about adding lean tissue and preserving muscle as you age.

There are a few different qualities you can develop when lifting weights. You can work on developing endurance, strength, or power. But more difficult than all three of these is adding muscle.

Part of the reason it’s so difficult is that it takes a lot of effort, proper nutrition, and appropriate recovery just to name a few.

This becomes especially true after you exit the anabolic stage of life (late twenties/early thirties). It’s at this age that your muscle mass starts progressively declining. In other words, it only becomes more challenging to maintain and gain muscle.

Another reason it’s challenging to gain muscle is because it’s uncomfortable. Power and strength work tend to not be as strenuous, because the rep ranges and rest periods are longer and more accommodating. Whereas pure hypertrophy (muscle building) work is characterized by shorter rest periods, increased reps, and time under tension.

In order for muscle tissue to grow and adapt, you’re going to have to induce a significant amount muscle fatigue and push yourself close to failure at times. I’ll be the first to say, this hurts…Now, it’s a good type of hurt, but nonetheless your muscles will still be screaming.

In my opinion, training for muscle growth is the hardest type of work to stay accountable with. If possible, find a workout buddy, a routine, or a coach to help keep you on track, because it’s hard to stay consistent given the obstacles.