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Do workouts you enjoy

One of the most useful strategies for creating consistency in your exercise routine is to engage in activities you enjoy.

I know it seems simple enough, but MANY people miss this.

I’m not saying your workouts will be ALL sunshine and roses.

But, one thing that significantly helps consistency is prioritizing exercise activity that you enjoy.

For me that’s walking. But it could be anything – cycling, running, lifting, sports, etc.

What I’ve noticed is that by engaging consistently in the actives that I enjoy the most, it helps to create momentum and in turn leads to more activity.

Have you ever noticed that the activities that we engage in at the beginning of the day, tend to shape how the rest of the day plays out?

Just this weekend I got up early and went for a light walk – nothing serious or strenuous. But that was enough to set the tone for the day. I followed it up with a moderate strength training workout and some more walking to finish up the day.

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how good the plan is if you can’t adhere to it. And that’s the gist of what I’m getting at here.

Adherence markedly improves when we actually enjoy the thing we are doing. Not only does adherence improve, but momentum is created.

Again, I’m not saying you will be able to completely avoid anything you dislike…After all we tend to NEED to work on those things we do not enjoy. Rather, my point is that by consistently prioritizing exercise that you enjoy, this helps creates a higher probability of healthy momentum and a solid foundation of daily movement.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself the following question(s):

“What do I enjoy when it comes to working out? What can I realistically stick with? What makes me feel better both physically and mentally?”

By taking time to identify this, you can go a long way towards saving yourself from frustration and inconsistency.