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You are enough (stop comparing)

“Comparison is the thief of joy” –Theodore Roosevelt

This could not be truer when it comes to fitness. Especially with the emergence of social media.

We are constantly seeing friends, celebrities, colleagues, etc. and comparing ourselves to these models.

If you haven’t realized by now, there is always someone, somewhere doing it “better”. Someone who has a slimmer waste or perfectly toned arms. Someone who is running faster or jumping higher. Someone who doesn’t even exercise but looks like they belong in a swimsuit magazine.

As a person who has dedicated over 10 years to the health and fitness industry and has insider expertise, even I have moments where I am self-conscious, lacking confidence, or caught in the cycle of comparison. I tell you this so you can hear it from someone who lives in the exercise world, that this mindset of comparison doesn’t stop just because you are dedicated with your workouts or hit your goals. (After all, there is always someone else further along who you can compare yourself against.)

This negative cycle stops when you stop comparing. It stops when you start believing that you are enough…When you realize that you’re not defined by your body or someone else’s judgement of it…Who you are goes way beyond your physical form.

What if you changed the narrative around your physical appearance?

What if you stopped comparing yourself?

What if you started to talk to yourself the way you talk to a close friend? Would you be as hard on yourself? Or would you give yourself some space and compassion?

What would happen if you accepted yourself exactly for who you are?

What if you were grateful for your body just as it? What if you woke up and said a prayer of gratitude for the fact that you’re breathing, that you can move, that you can make a change?

More than likely, your comparisons aren’t helping you. They are simply making you feel like shit.

Let go of these crazy expectations! Do your best. Be kind to yourself. Encourage yourself. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be reading this. The fact that you’re here, shows you CARE. You’re trying. And that’s huge. Don’t minimize it.

Love your body for serving you up until this point. Let go of all the false pretenses of what society says you should look like.

Commit to yourself. Commit to the process of improvement. As you move, your mind will follow. As you adjust your mindset, your body will respond. Motion creates emotion, and vice versa, emotion creates motion. Do NOT underestimate how important your mental well-being is on your ability to pursue your goals physically.

I’m not saying this is easy. Heck, I get caught in this cycle. But I also realize that the journey towards a healthier integrated lifestyle can be one of ups and downs. And that’s OK. Because I’m committed to showing up and doing my best…Not someone else’s best…MY best.

I encourage you to do the same…and if you need support along the way we will be happy to lock arms with you.