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Heal your body before losing weight

It’s imperative to heal your body before you embark on a weight loss journey.

Think of it this way…Would you go for a run the day after a bad ankle sprain?

Of course not.

The same scenario is true for weight loss. If you’ve been in a calorie deficit on and off for months, and now you’re jumping into another diet, you’re probably setting yourself up to fail.

Many times we overlook the negative side effects associated with dieting (probably because we are so excited to be losing weight).

These side effects can include a decrease in metabolic rate, decreased thryoid function, reduction in sex hormones, increased cortisol (stress hormone), and even decreased immunity.

This is why it’s important to stick to defined periods (or cycles) when dieting.

Living in a chronic deficit can make recovery more and more challenging over time.

When we exercise or diet, we often forget that this in and of itself can be an “injury” to the body. Like any “injury”, the body needs time to heal and repair.

Doing MORE of what caused the “injury” will not cause the body to heal, in the same way that going for a run will not expedite the healing of an ankle sprain.

Take an honest assessment of your dieting habits and exercise over the past 6-12 months. Are you allowing your body time to recover, replenish, and restore?

If not, spend time getting back to neutral before you really push it.