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A tip for building muscle

Whether you are a high school athlete, working mom, retired grandpa, or anything in between, you should prioritize building muscle.

Why? Because not only does muscle help you perform physical activities at higher and more efficient level, but it also helps prevent many degenerative conditions, improves metabolic rate, and so much more.

Here’s something you should consider when trying to building muscle.

It’s a concept called TUT (Time Under Tension).

If you really want to build muscle you have to focus on TUT.

Time under tension refers to the amount of time in a given set that the muscle is actually exerting effort.

The sweet spot tends to be somewhere between 30-90 seconds. Now, if you have ever done a resistance training set that lasts 90 seconds, it’s HARD. Like, really challenging. That’s because your muscles are usually on fire by that point. Side note, longer is not necessarily better. If you are using heavier weights, the sets will likely shift closer to 30 seconds. If you can go longer than 90 seconds, you probably don’t have enough resistance (so there is a little bit of nuance involved here).

In summary, if you’ve been lifting weights but not gaining muscle, consider the amount of time you are engaging your muscles under tension. If you’re not experiencing some level of healthy discomfort, it’s likely time to increase your TUT!