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It’s not all about calories

If it was all about calories in, calories out, eating would be pretty simple.

But here is something we need to realize…

Food is not just calories or energy.

Food is information. Food literally carries information that impacts your biology, all the way from hormones, to brain chemistry, to impacting the way your genes function.

Food provides the raw materials to build bone, muscle, and organs.

With every bite you can create inflammation or decrease inflammation. Similarly, you can boost your immune system or you can weaken your immune system.

Now, I’m not writing this to make you obsessed with every little food decision. For the record, I will be consuming white sugar, white flour, and an alcoholic beverage at some point this week.

Rather, I’m writing this so we start to collectively understand that the journey of pursuing health is not limited to simple transactional formulas. It’s not just about losing 10 pounds through a crash diet, or committing to the gym for 3 months, or buying an apple watch to keep you accountable.

Humans are far more complex than that. That’s why I encourage you to start small, be mindful, and focus on habitual changes rather than over-simplified workout crazes and nutrition formulas.