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Fitness success in 2021? Do this.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve made New Year’s resolutions to execute the perfect health and fitness routine…

And I’ve failed miserably. Over and over and over.

I’m sure you can relate at some level.

Or maybe you’re perfect…That’s cool too 🙂

When it comes to exercise, I think there is a super important thing that we often overlook.

It’s not the exercise routine. It’s not the equipment. It’s not even the nutrition plan.

In my opinion, it’s about establishing a system of accountability.

There are different ways you can go about this. A big part of accountability comes down to establishing your “why”. Why do you want to lose weight, gain strength, or improve your flexibility? Ultimately, if that reason is strong enough or the pain of NOT being where you want to be is great enough, you will commit to change.

But even beyond that, I want to suggest three external accountability layers you can add in that I’ve found to be helpful.

Fitness wearables – Apple Watch, FitBit, MyZone HR monitors, or the WHOOP Band (my personal favorite…These little gadgets have the remarkable ability to keep you honest and consistent. Case in point, have you ever found yourself halfway through your workout only to forget you never “started” your Apple watch? It kind of deflates your mojo to think of all the points you missed out on. Heck, you might not even close those rings now! If you know, you know.

Coaching – Whether it’s group training, private training, or virtual training, it always helps when you have someone who is pushing you and making sure you SHOW UP. This is something I’ve prioritized a lot more recently and seen the dividends. I worked with a personal training coach this year who specializes in mobility and flexibility (because mine needs major help) and it really paid off! Hey, even coaches need coaching 🙂

Friends – I think we can all shout an “amen!” to this one. Find someone who you can count on consistently. Whether it’s a walking buddy, lifting partner, or paddle teammate, going on the journey with a support system of friends makes an incredible difference.

Start thinking through how you can layer in these different elements of accountability. Once in place, I think you’ll find yourself more consistent and ultimately achieving greater results in 2021.

And…if you decide to add in some coaching, keep us in mind. We have a pretty sweet promo listed at the bottom of this email 🙂