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Best Injury Prevention Exercise

Are you an athlete looking to shore up your weaknesses? Or are you an individual who is constantly struggling with tweaks, strains, or random pains?

The first thing I would advise you to do is to assess your strength training and the level of intensity you are putting forth.

Too many people default into a consistent workout routine of low intensity rehab based exercises to address their deficits. And while these things can be beneficial, we often miss the low hanging fruit that comes with getting stronger.

Many of our deficits are a result of muscle weaknesses or failure to adequately apply enough stimulus to our system. When we put forth consistent effort and intensity towards strength training, we actually make our body more resilient to our environment.

So, while I would encourage you to continue with your routine, I would also urge you to start pushing yourself. One of the easiest ways to see your body transform is to really prioritize your strength training. The benefits are numerous, but one thing you might notice right away is the mystery tweaks and pains start to seem few and far between.

Remember, your body is resilient and will adapt to the stresses you place on it. Rather than avoid movements all together, try to find ways to incorporate healthy strength training intensity into your program.