What are clients saying?

I just wanted to let you know how much Cory has helped my son to be fit and ready for his college football season.  Cory even took the time to attend the Lake Forest College game to give my son some pointers on his play.  His fitness level at the start of the season, plus Cory’s words of wisdom about how to endure the hard stuff, really made the difference in his approach to playing at the college level.  Furthermore, he has been healthy and is conscious about what to eat in the dorm, all thanks to Cory.  When they had “punishment practice” for a losing game, while the other freshman were puking and crying, my son said he just kept Cory’s voice in his head and completed the drills.  As a mom, it is nice to have an unexpected mentor in my son’s life.  Please pass my feedback along to the management, they should be aware of how highly we think of Cory as a trainer, and as a person.

- Kim Marsh 

In high school I was fortunate enough to be a 3 time all conference player as well as an IHSA All-State selection.  I was offered the opportunity to continue my career at Loras College.  The first three years I led the conference in assists and assist-to-turnover ratio.  Last December, while playing in a game I made a routine jump cut and I tore my ACL, LCL, and lateral meniscus.  I was completely devastated upon seeing the results of the MRI and even more discouraged when I was told I may never reach the same level of competitive play again.  I underwent surgery in January and my physical therapy consisted of leg lifts, body weight squats, and stationary bike riding.  I tried using a few machines to improve my range of motion post operation but none of these methods seemed to be helping.  I became increasingly frustrated because I was giving 100% but no one seemed to have the answers to help get my knee back to full health.  As a result, I had a second surgery in April which dealt with a manipulation and scope.  I was then referred to Impact Sports Performance @ IBJI and have had the best experience I could possibly ask for.  While I was rehabbing after my second surgery, I would drive two times a week from Dubuque, Iowa all the way to Highland Park, Illinois.  It is about a three hour and fifteen minute drive and let me tell you, it was worth every minute and every penny.   Sports Performance at HPI is not your typical rehab facility, regardless of injury or age.  The staff at Impact know exactly what they are doing in every aspect of getting an athlete back to 100% when it comes to training, nutrition, and much more.  I can't give enough thanks  because not only did they help get my knee back to healthy, but they got my knee stronger and faster than it was prior to the injury.  I don't walk with a limp and I have zero pain when exercising or cutting. I came into their doors being skeptical if I would ever return to the court, but I left knowing I will be back on the court.  I have become lifelong friends with the people who helped turn my life around when no one seemed to have an answer for my given situation.  I don't care if you have to drive several hours to get to HPI, if you want to get healthy in terms of rehabilitation, sports performance, or general fitness, than HPI is the right place.

Connor "Moonshine" Mooney 

 After participating in physical therapy for both my lower lumbar and cervical regions, my therapist had highly recommended pilates.  I am very glad that I took his advice seriously.  I have been participating in pilates for about two years and have increased my thoracic flexibility and abdominal strength.  The instructors know and understand how the body works and will structure the exercises to assist me with balance, strength and flexibility that will support the skeletal frame.  I try to participate in one class and one private session per week. 

Fern Tribbey

I am currently a junior at Chicagoland Jewish High School (CJHS), and ever since I was seven years old, I have been playing basketball.  As I got older, basketball became more of a priority in my life. I would be in the gym training daily for at least two hours until my injury.  In the middle of my (school) basketball season, I took a rough fall in a game, which forced me to land on my lower back. I felt a bit sore the next morning on my tailbone but I didn’t think much of it. Within the next two months, this pain increased more and more. I started to fear the worst when I couldn’t even stand up straight without having a sharp pain in my lower spine; I couldn’t take it anymore.  My family and I rushed to the doctor to take X-rays and get a real answer as to what was going on. Then, the doctor told me that I had a herniated disk. As a fifteen year old who loves sports, the obvious question that came to my mind was, “how long am I out for?” The next thing I knew, the doctor was suggesting surgery.  I will always remember the doctor telling me that there was a possibility that I would never be able to play contact sports again.  At such a young age, that wasn’t an easy thing to hear. I was devastated, and didn’t know what to do or think.

 When I rejected the option of surgery, I was highly encouraged to attend physical therapy, which is when I found Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI). My mindset was negative for the first few appointments, but as time progressed; Matt Repa, David Howington, Helene Weber and the rest of the IBJI staff gave me hope of returning to the court. I was constantly attending therapy, and with a positive attitude. Within two and a half months of training, I was actually running again. My vertical has increased at least six inches, my back has significantly strengthened, along with my core, and I feel more flexible than ever! The IBJI staff and facility is incredible, but without the help of Dave, Matt, and Helene, I would most likely still be recovering from a surgical procedure. Throughout these past six months, these three amazing individuals haven’t only treated me as a patient, but have treated me like family. To this day, whenever I need something or feel slightly uncomfortable, I know they are right behind me to offer guidance. I am so grateful and appreciative for IBJI and for their outstanding staff.

- Josh Newlander