IBJI Health Performance Institute Wellness Services

In order to meet the unique needs of our clients, IBJI Health Performance Institute offers an array of Wellness services.  These disciplines can be utilized as a compliment to a Physical or Occupational treatment plan or independently.  All payments for Wellness services are due at the time services are rendered.  HPI's Wellness services do not require a physicians prescription. 


Available Tuesday & Friday At Highland Park
HPI's Acupuncturist: Vel Natarajan, LAc

Acupuncture is recognized by the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health as a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of health concerns. Acupuncture is a safe, effective therapy for reducing and eliminating many types of chronic and acute pain, and in assisting rehabilitation from injury or overtraining.  The remarkably successful results of acupuncture have led a number of professional sports-teams and Olympic athletes to use acupuncture to keep healthy, perform optimally, and return to activity quickly.

Integrative Health Coaching

Available Thursday & Fridays at Highland Park 
HPI's Integrative Health Coach: Donna Taylor, LMT

Is your lifestyle negatively impacted by the effects of increased stress and anxiety, unhealthy diet and nutrition choices, lack of physical activity due to limited mobility or pain, or increased reliance on prescription medications?  Integrative Health Coaching is your answer to achieving the healthy lifestyle you desire by addressing behavior patterns and habits that no longer serve a purpose in your life. A health coach guides you through a structured process that helps you , the client, identify and understand the impact of your current lifestyle and health behaviors and holds you accountable to creating and sustaining healthier choices. A health coach helps you discover your own direction, motivation,and support to reach your goals and sustain that change. 

Massage Therapy

Available Monday - Saturday in Highland Park
Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday in Morton Grove
HPI's Massage Therapists: Brian Bullock, LMT, Angie Gonzalez, LMT, & Helene Weber, LMT

Massage therapy is essential for complete wellness. Whether you have sore muscles from a competition or a back pain from from sitting all day in the office, our massage therapists are ready to help you reach optimal well being. HPI's massage therapy program is designed to support muscle maintenance, recovery, and injury prevention.  Our therapists are trained in providing orthopedic, therapeutic & stress reduction, sports, and myofascial release massages.  

Mighty Body Band®

Classes are held Thursday, Friday, & Saturday in Highland Park
Mighty Body Band Instructor: Miguel Latronica

The MBB was invented, developed and internationally patented by Miguel Latronica in 2009. The MBB™ allows for an immediate corrective response that occurs from moment to moment (via the body’s feedback loops.) Multiple correlations take place deep within the proprioceptors of the musculo-tendon-joint capsule that encourages the body’s multiple muscle groups to work together in a more coordinated fashion thereby allowing for greater flexibility, agility and strength conditioning. The communication that occurs inside the matrix of fascia through the use of the Mighty Body Band® allows for the facilitation, expansion and elongation of the participant’s fibers of fascia and muscle.   


Class Times Vary & Available In Highland Park
HPI's Pilates Instructors: Aleksandra Moe, DPT, Martina Kolb, & Veronica Netlizbach

The Pilates Program At HPI Is Unique To Other Club Programs. Working With Professional Athletes, Rehabilitation Patients, And Members Of The Community, We Offer An Interdisciplinary Approach To This Popular Exercise System. Each Pilates Program Is Designed According To Our Clients' Individual Needs, Improving Physical  Strength, Flexibility, And Posture.  Here At HPI, We Use The Top Rated "STOTT PILATES" Equipment Which Incorporates Modern Principles Of Exercise Science And Rehabilitation, Making It One Of The Safest And Most Effective Methods Available.