Wellness Wednesday - Flip Flop Madness pt. 2

Our latest blog comes from Helene Weber. A follow up to a post she wrote last summer about flip flops. It's a really important read as I continue to learn how much your foot health can affect your overall health. - Dave


As the weather warms up it is hard not to break out those comfy and cool flip flops! But flip flops are not always easy on the feet. They are great for walking on earth’s natural surfaces like grass, dirt and sand, but not asphalt or concrete. These unmovable surfaces tend to be very harsh on bare feet and the thin rubber sole of many flip flops don’t adequately absorb the shock they produce, so your feet are not really protected.The lack of support, too much flexibility and not enough stability can cause stubbed toes, sprained ankles, blisters, falls and even broken bones.The flip flop is a common culprit of America’s foot pain.

 However not all flip flops are created equal, so let’s look at some ideas on how to pick the best ones for you!

  • ·         Size: one size fits all is not a good plan, find a pair that fit your feet, no toes or heels hanging over!
  • ·         Arch: It is recommended to pick a shoe with a thicker sole and even a little bump in the middle for arch support
  • ·         Strap: A thin strap doesn’t give support causing your foot to slide around, look for a thicker strap, even a back strap
  • ·         Bend: If the shoe bends at the middle-put it down, it should only bend at the ball of your foot where you need it to for walking
  • ·         Material: Pick a high quality material for strength, stability and wear

 Flip flops are also not created for everyone. For example:

  • ·         People with Diabetes or poor circulation in their feet, this exposes you to not only injury but possible infections.
  • ·         People with balance issues may find it hard to feel stable and secure walking on a rubbery surface.
  • ·         People suffering from obesity, wearing an unstructured shoe adds stress and strain to feet that are already stressed from carrying extra weight.

For people who insist on wearing flip-flops, it is recommended to avoid uneven surfaces and wash feet thoroughly after you take them off.

As fond as we are with wearing flip flops, experts say we should limit wear. A good shoe for everyday wear is that old reliable pair of a comfy and supportive tennis shoes. Have a great summer and put your feet first!

 - Helene Weber, Clinical Massage Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Educato