Accomplishing Goals pt. 3 - The Importance of Nutrition

We are 15 weeks into our training for the obstacle race in June. I wish I could say I have been 100% on and dedicated to my training, but the truth is I lost my momentum a few weeks ago when my schedule became overloaded, and it has been hard to get back "in the groove”. Fortunately, I have an awesome support system to help get me back on track. 

One thing I am noticing this time around is that I do not have the same energy to get through my workouts as before and overall I am feeling more sluggish on a daily basis.

I started to look at how I could improve my diet to increase my stamina and endurance.  I wanted to remove foods that caused inflammation in the tissue and add foods that would help aid in tissue recovery. 

I discussed the issue with my colleague that knows a lot about nutrition and started replacing my frozen pizza and Pot Bellies with protein shakes, and greens.

Many of us have heard that we want to eat more green vegetables because they are good for us.  But  how many of us realize the nutrition value of our green leafy vegetables? 

Greens like Spinach , Kale, Swiss Chard are considered power house vegetables because of the amount of nutrients they carry that help fight against chronic disease. They also carry high amounts of Vitamin A which helps in the formation bone metabolism; (a process of new bone growth) and keeps our major organs functioning properly. This alone is reason enough to add more greens to my diet on a daily basis and not just when I train.

After my a lot of my workouts I would get a coffee (an ice soy mocha to be exact) and though coffee alone Prior to a workout has been shown to burn 15% more calories in 3 hours following a  workout as compared to a placebo. It does not help aid the body in recovery, and will actually inhibit recuperation. A  protein shake is a much more viable because it carries amino acids,  needed for the restoration of muscle tissue, stimulating muscle strength and growth, and regulating blood sugar.

It's never fun when the protein powder doesn't mix well :(

It's never fun when the protein powder doesn't mix well :(


Here are some other foods I have added to my diet to help enhance my performance:  

  1. Berries , like raspberries and blueberries. They  carry a lot of Vitamin C an antioxidant that boosts the production of collagen, which is necessary for connective tissue repair.
  2. Salmon and white albacore tuna fish. Both high in protein and Omega -3’s. Omega-3s help decrease inflammation in the body , decreases muscles soreness , and can augment blood flow during exercise. Salmon also is high in vitamin B which also helps in muscle repair and assists in cell development.

My diet is still far from perfect , but I have been able to maintain changes and feel pretty confident that this will be my best race yet!!!

- Donna