Accomplishing Goals part 1 - The Beginning Stages

With a new year comes new opportunity to make a fresh start, a clean slate to begin something new, or to leave something old behind. It is a time of optimism and positivity in challenging ourselves to accomplish what we set out to in the past year.  Even with the best intentions, many of us start out the new year strong but notice ourselves giving in to our old ways far too soon leaving us feeling defeated , overwhelmed, and stuck.  I recently heard a statistic that about 8% of people who make a resolution will actually achieve it.   If you are among that 8% that has accomplished resolutions in the past and feel that this does not apply to you, kudos, we have something to learn from you.  One of those things may be that the rest of us set a goal that is unattainable. We go in setting a resolution that is either too ambiguous or too grandiose, in turn, setting ourselves up for failure. 

One thing I have learned in the past year practicing health coaching is that, just like in business, if there is a goal to be attained, it needs to be: specific, measurable, and with action steps set in place to achieve it.

Having these set in place will help us feel more encouraged and confident in accomplishing our goals.

However, what happens when we start to lose the drive and ambition in wanting to achieve our goal?  If we only have ourselves to answer to, many of us will find a reason why our resolution is no longer important or relevant in accomplishing; but, if we are held accountable to someone other than ourselves, then it is not as easy to walk away.

I want to put these steps to the test with my own goal/resolution for 2016, which is to start and maintain a training schedule that helps me prepare for an 8-9 mile obstacle race in June.  

This will not be my first obstacle race but I want this to be the year I make every wall, and climb at least a few feet on the climbing rope...which in past years has been difficult for me. 

My goal is specific, start a training program now that prepares me for an obstacle race in June, that is 8-9 miles long.

Since I don’t know what that training schedule should look like and if I am physically ready to take that challenge on, my first 2 action steps will be:

1) Get a physical.  It has been over 2 years and my exercise regiment in the past has not been consistent and I feel my on again off again workouts are starting to physically have an effect on me.

Not to mention that it is recommended by all health professionals to get a physical or see your doctor before starting any new workout routine. 

  2) Set up an appointment this week with one of the trainers at our facility to discuss my goals.

Once these steps are completed I can put a plan in place that is measurable and will help me stay on task.

The last part of setting up a successful goal is accountability. If I only have myself to answer to, I will make every excuse as to why I am not going to work out today.  This is where YOU, our readers, come in.  I will be held accountable by YOU through our blog.

Each month I will write on my progress (and failures), give some tips and discuss what I have learned along the way in reaching my goal. The fact that I know I will have to admit what I have done or have not done will help keep me on track.

I challenge you to rethink or set a new specific goal for yourself in 2016, set your action steps, make them simple and specific, and decide how you would like to be held accountable to your goal.  It could be as simple as having a friend call on you or having someone send you a text or email for encouragement...whatever you need to stay on track.

I am excited about this journey and look forward to updating you next month on proper training for an obstacle race, and my progress in keeping up with my training commitments.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

- Donna Taylor