Therapy Thursday - The Flip Flop Dilemma

To quote the lyric by Lonely Island "I got my swim trunks and flippy floppy's, I'll be flipping burgers, while you'll be at kinko's straight flipping copies". Okay so maybe I just wanted an excuse to say that, but in any case today's post comes from our Massage Therapist Helene Weber discussing flip flops, and the effect they can have on your overall wellness. - Dave

P.S. For even more information on this topic and to hear what one of our own physicians, Dr. Leahy,  thinks about wearing flip flops go here .


Warm weather brings changes in shoe apparel and flip flops are amongst the most popular foot wear during those summer days and nights.

But along with the ease of these slip-ons comes some warning signs.

Let’s look at some pros and cons:


·         Easy to slip on and off

·         Great for pool or beach wear, walking on hot surfaces

·         Cooling off on hot summer days

·         Great for after pedicures!

·         Many styles to choose from including casual and dressy.



·         Minimal foot support

·         Lack of support can cause pain and even shin splints.

·         Constantly scrunching your toes to grip your shoes to prevent them from falling off your feet forces you to change the way you walk. This gait change causes pressure and tension in different areas of your feet and legs than you are used to causing muscle weakness from over use.

·         Complaints are frequent from: sprained ankles, stubbed or broken toes, foot, ankle, leg, hip, and back pain,  stress fractures, tripping, falling, blisters, cuts, puncture wounds, bruises, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, heavy objects falling on your feet, and feet exposed to the elements (sunburn), and unsanitary conditions.

For safety purposes Flip Flops should not be worn during the following situations:

·         Cutting the grass

·         Driving or riding a motorcycle or bicycle

·         As an athletic shoe

·         While hiking

·         When raining to avoid slipping


To summarize, we're not saying flip flops are always a bad choice, but it's good to be informed about footwear in general. Your feet/foot health will affect your whole body.

- Helene Weber LCMT, CCHT