Wellness Wednesday - Therapeutic Massage for Fibromyalgia

Hey everyone, here is a great post from Helene Weber; one of HPI's certified massage therapists, discussing the role therapeutic massage can have in treating fibromyalgia. Check it out! -Dave

Many people with fibromyalgia turn to massage therapy for relief of their symptoms, and a fair amount of research exists to support that massage therapy can be beneficial.     

 It is recommended that when used to treat individuals with fibromyalgia, massage therapy should be gradually increased in intensity from session to session and in accordance with the wishes and pain level of the patient. Sessions should be performed a minimum of one to two times per week, and consistency is a key factor.

 Pain tends to linger with fibromyalgia so paying close attention to your discomfort and recovery time after each session will allow you to plan the best possible course of treatment to achieve positive results.

 Stress reduction plays an important role in treating fibromyalgia as well. Symptoms can be triggered or aggravated by stress. Massage can break the stress and pain cycle as it calms down the nervous system, relaxes muscle tension, increases muscle flexibility, increases circulation and blood flow and decreases stress levels. This allows you to get a good night sleep which helps your fibromyalgia symptoms fade to a much lower and tolerable level leaving you with a feeling of well- being.

 Treatment Goals:

  • ·         Reduce inflammation
  • ·         Remove fascial restrictions
  • ·         Remove trigger points
  • ·         Release spasms
  • ·         Remove pain
  • ·         Increase range of motion to normal function
  • ·         Release stress and tension
  • ·         Increase quality of life

- Helene