Wellness Wednesday - Massage Away those Winter Blues

This is a fun and great blog from our very own massage therapist Puja Halvadia.  She gives a couple quick tips on how you can get out of hibernation mode, and massage is just one of the things she shares that will help. Check out the rest!


 “Lets go out and play mom”!  “Lets go for a run before we go out”! “Lets get ready for our 30 mile ride”!

The weather is getting warmer, and our muscles are probably feeling tense from the winter. How can you get rid of the “winter blues”?

A massage can help reduce the tiredness or irritability that you feel, and make you feel more pumped to go out and play with your kids or go on that 30 mile bike ride to train for a race.

I am sure everyone is getting familiar with how massage works from what Donna, Helene and Angie have written so far.

Going back to the technical terms for winter blues, we call it Seasonal Affect Disorder.

How can we conquer those winter blues:

  • First off drink plenty of water! A good way to increase your water intake can be simple as placing a straw in your cup, or throwing in some slices of fresh fruit or mint leaves in your water.
  • Also making sure you are getting enough nutrients in your body to help with the tissue repair from any form of activity that you are participating in.
  • Massage will also help reduce the tiredness you feel, and boost your energy levels as well as improve your circulation.

With that this will help reduce some symptoms of stress or depression that you may be feeling from the winter. By increasing the circulation in your body, this will stimulate the body’s natural immune system. This will then kick in relaxation and help with your sleep patterns, decrease aches and pains, and release endorphins (the body’s natural opiate) throughout your body.

Lets say “bye” to those winter blues and say “hi” to the summer rays!