Wellness Wednesday - Three Tips to Help You Get Out of Pain and Get Outside

This next post in our wellness wednesday series is very timely. Spring is here... Well in the Chicago area it's still a little on and off, but still. Our very own Massage Therapist Helene Weber gives us three awesome and simple tips to start using to help get you out of persistent pain. Check it out!



With the change of the season comes simple ways to relieve pain.  Weather warming up, and getting out of pain sounds like an award winning combination to me; and what I’ve done is listed some simple tips that will help!


1.) Something as simple as shedding your heavy winter coat will alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain. The weight of your heavy coat pulls down on your shoulders, overstretching your neck and upper shoulder muscles causing pain. This pain then tends to radiate up the back of your head, down your arms and down your back. Lightening up your clothing load relieves this extra tension and your discomfort fades away.

2. ) With the weather finally warming up and the days staying lighter longer, people tend to drive more often and for longer periods of time. Another very easy way to relieve neck and upper shoulder and arm pain is to change your hand position while driving. Placing your hands at 5 and 7 (on the clock) will still give you total control of your vehicle and allow your upper body to relax and release muscle tension instead of storing it.

The reason being is that, when holding your arms in a tight position on the steering wheel for long periods of time your muscles contract, holding on to lactic acid and toxins your body naturally produces instead of them being flushed out, causing pain. Eventually over time this discomfort continues to increase and begins producing decreased movement locking up your muscles even more.

 3.) Paying attention to your body positions and how long you stay in those positions will determine whether your body produces pain or not. Another simple tip to keep in mind I this; stretching after excessive movements or holding positions for a long time will put your muscles back in their resting position making them very happy.

There you have it, three simple tips to help you swing into spring with a new outlook and put more pep in your step.

-Helene Weber, LCHT, CCHT, Educator, Health Performance Institute