Wellness Wednesday - The Relief of Massage for Golfer/Tennis Elbow

Our latest blog comes from Helene Weber, LMT, it's short and sweet. Briefly discussing golfer/tennis elbow and how massage can help relieve the pain.  As the seasons get warmer this becomes an important blog to read - Dave

Repetitive arm movement and nonstop gripping may lead to tennis or golfers elbow even if you do not play either sport!

Tennis Elbow is a form of tendinosis that is derived from swelling and tenderness on and around the tendons that attach to the lateral epicondyle (small bony part on the outside of your elbow). These tendons are located in your forearm and are used for extension (moving you hand/wrist/fingers, palm side down, in an upward movement).

Golfers Elbow, on the other hand, affects the tendons in the forearm that are used for flexion (moving your hand/wrist/fingers, palm side up, in an upward movement) as in making a fist.

 The most common reason for these injuries is from repetitive motion.

 When diagnosed with these injuries a massage therapy can help by releasing muscle tension, decrease pain and increase range of motion.

 This works to heal the issue because releasing muscle tension, trigger points, hypertonicity, scar tissue and stuck fascia in the upper arm and forearm removes the stress and pull of the tendons in the elbow which dissolves the pain.

 If your elbow is bothering you, you owe it to yourself to get it checked out. We want you to get out of pain fast so that you can enjoy as the seasons get warmer and the days get sunnier!

 -       Helene Weber, LMT