Wellness Wednesday - Release the Fascia

In our latest installment of wellness wednesday, HPI's very own the original AG (Angie Gonzalez) discusses a technique called myofascial release.  Check it out!


Fascia. A word heard by many, but never really understood. Fascia is the connective tissue in our body’s that is a continuous web from the top of our head all the way down to our toes. Fascia goes all the way from under our skin to the cellular level. Particularly, muscles are made up of fascia.

The above is actual a picture of what fascia looks like (its all the cobwebby looking stuff)

The above is actual a picture of what fascia looks like (its all the cobwebby looking stuff)


According to John Barnes, if we were to remove everything in and on our body (scary picture I know) and just keep our fascial system, our body would hold the same shape. So imagine, when we have a stress, trauma to an area or an injury that fascia is also part of the equation not just the muscle itself.

Looking at the muscle, fascia is on, in and below the muscle. Therefore fascia is sometimes over looked, because when diagnosed with a condition the physicians name the muscle/tendon that is inflamed or was strained, but in order to truly understand the injury we need to look at the fascia and how it can be treated.

John Barnes’ is the pioneer of Myofascial Release; he was able to figure out how to correct these fascial restrictions that occur with injury. Myofasical release is a hands on technique without lotion or oils that applies gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to help eliminate pain and restore motion. The technique itself allows therapists to give the patient a more individualized treatment.

-Angie Gonzalez -  LMT, John Barnes’ Myofascial Release 1, 2 and unwinding