HPI @ IBJI presents Therapy Thursdays... Soon to be Wellness Wednesdays

Hey Everyone, this is the introductory post from our very own Donna Taylor starting what will soon be Wellness Wednesdays.



If you were asked what is your health like, what would be your answer?


According to the Webster Dictionary 

Health is : the condition of being well or free from disease

                 : the overall condition of someone's body or mind

                 : the condition or state of something


How would you rate your overall health?


Good , great , ok ..... Often times we don't address our health 

Until something happens .  We have been told over and over again that if we excercise 

And eat right we will be healthy. 


Some of us are more consistent and better about getting our daily workouts in and eating right . 

But do you ever ask yourself , is that enough?

Maybe you are on the other side of this group,  that no matter what you try can't you seem to get 

Into a " healthy" routine.


If there was nothing in the way ,What would your  ultimate vision of health and well being looks like?


Regardless of your current situation , if you were living the healthy lifestyle you imagine 

 what would you be doing? 


Training for marathons because you like pushing yourself 

Traveling cross country to take in the beautiful views 

Cooking at home for your family because you no longer want to feed them something processed.  

Or maybe your vision is as simple as getting prepared mentally and physically for that knee replacement so that you can dance at your child's wedding. 

Whatever you imagine your vision of health to be, ask yourself are you living that now

And if not why?

For most of us life gets in the way of what we know we should be doing for ourselves 

And we end up " stuck" in our routines going through our days in autopilot not taking in 

Anything going on around us and forming bad habits that become easier to do than 

Starting something new .  We all have the best intentions to live a better and healthier life 

But sometimes even the thought of change can be overwhelming 

- Donna Taylor